Are you looking to buy a car that looks great and which will be easy to sell later? Then you need to pick one that features an attractive color. The most popular car colors on the market are outlined below. Some may surprise you, but others are a little more expected.


For years, white has remained the most popular car color on the market. This fact may surprise many, as white is very easy to stain. However, it also stays relatively cool in the summer and provides an easy-to-see look that stands out on the road.


White's exact opposite remains another one of the world's most favorite car colors. Why? It creates a brooding exterior style that catches the eye and which is hard to ignore. However, it also looks cool and is relatively easy to keep clean compared to other colors.


Silver and white often fight for the top spots in color, and in many vehicle types, it remains the favorite color. It offers a relatively inoffensive style that is easy to see and which provides a balance between the severity of white and black.


Speaking of balancing between white and black, gray is a surprisingly popular car color. Like silver, it is a relatively innocuous color that doesn't excessively draw the eye. However, it offers benefits of both black and white by being fresh and easy to clean.


For those who want a bold style that stands out from the crowd, red remains a favorite car color. It is a little surprising that this color retains is incredible popularity after all of these years, but it is among the most engaging types available.


This color has made something of a surprising comeback over the last few years and has become one of the most popular car colors in the world. It has a fresh style and an easy-clean surface that make it useful for many different types of drivers.

All of these colors will increase the value of your car and create a more engaging and enjoyable driving experience. Make sure to find one that suits your personal taste needs.

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