So, it’s time for a paint job for your car. Should you go for a simple paint job, or get a custom paint job? A custom paint job for your car is an effective way to make your car look better. When you are considering getting a custom paint job for your car, there are a number of issues to resolve prior to beginning the work. The answers you provide to these questions will affect your decision to paint, what to pay for it, and help you assess a cost/benefit analysis prior to beginning the project.

Before you begin, ask yourself the following questions:

Is painting the car the best way to alter its appearance?

What are the age and value of the and how do those compare with the cost of the custom paint job--the answer to “will it be worth the cost?

  • Look at the color being replaced and the ease of covering it--these two factors will affect the cost of the paint job, and to some extent, the success of the custom paint job. Covering a color that is darker than the new color being used may take more paint and affect the cost.
  • Determine the extent of exterior surface of the car being covered and type of coverage required (cosmetic or damage repair)
  • Determine the amount of specialized detail required to complete job properly. This calculation will affect the skill required of the painter and the cost of the painting materials.

Is the provider of the paint qualified to do the work satisfactorily?

Once you have addressed these concerns about cost and quality, and have arrived at workable answers to your inquiry, it is time to review your estimates and schedule your custom paint job.

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