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Myth or Fact-Do Red Cars Get More Speeding Tickets?

Red is a confused color. It means “Stop,” but it’s also the color of fast, and if you believe the rumors, that means more tickets. If you’re the owner of a red car, rest easy. The color of your car won’t be the reason you get pulled over.

“There is no data to support the assertion that red cars receive more tickets than cars of any other color,” states Carolyn Gorman, vice president of the Insurance Information and Insurance Trade Association. The myth of increased ticket volume for red cars doesn’t come from statistics. In a study reported by CJ Pony Parts, the most ticketed color was actually white—making up 19 percent of total speeding citations of the 924 studied. Admittedly, the number two spot went to red (with 16 percent). 

A more important factor than color in determining whether you’ll get a ticket is the make of car you’re driving. According to the CJ Pony Parts study, the vehicle most likely to be ticketed is the Mercedes-Bens SL-Class. A study from Insurance.com identifies the Subaru WRX as the top offender. But, as Insurance.com’s managing editor, Des Toups, notes, “Cars don’t get tickets, drivers do.” 

Police officers and the highway patrol aren’t looking for flashy colors or vehicles. Instead, they’re looking at how you’re driving. A survey of three police agencies and two independent traffic experts reported that the top five determinants of issuing a ticket are:

  1. Speeding
  2. Illegal cell phone use
  3. Hazardous driving
  4. Equipment violations
  5. Following too closely and improper lane changes 

So if that red car on the lot is speaking to your soul, then don’t hesitate to drive it off the lot. Just remember, don't blame the car’s color for any tickets you might get. 

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